What is a backlink?

Indexing backlinks is one of the biggest things you may overlook when backlinking your sites. Unfortunately, a lot of marketers fail to realize that you can’t just backlink and expect results. Search engines have to know that the link is there first. This article will provide you of three fool proof methods to indexing your backlinks properly.

1. Getting Higher Quality Backlinks

If you’re starting out in this industry, you may not realize that your backlinks could be a waste of time. Fortunately though, you’re trying to learn more or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

One method to getting your backlinks indexed is by changing the quality of sites you post on. Before you just find somewhere to drop your link, you need to make sure that the site is highly populated, is updated everyday or has a .edu or .gov domain. Search engines love fresh content and by finding sites that update daily, indexing your backlinks can be a lot more productive for your campaigns.

2. Using Article Directories for Backlinks 백링크

By incorporating article directories into your backlink strategy, you really are able to kill two birds with one stone. Article directories are updated frequently, highly populated and gives your article the ability to be syndicated to other sites and blogs in your niche. Having both of these capabilities can give you a higher indexation rate as well as your backlinks posted on multiple sites that may even have high page ranks
and an even higher crawl rate than the directory you posted to.

3. Using software to index them

Indexing your backlinks can even be automated in some ways. There is an amazingly high number of software’s, both browser and desktop based, that can help in indexing your backlinks. Using an automation software will not only free up time but push the search engines to your backlinks sooner than normal. While it is ultimately up to you to decide what you use, I’ve found that backlink energizer, for WordPress and SEO Link Dominater, for everything else, works the best. Just remember though, not all software’s are created equally and you need to be sure to do the proper research before you purchase or use them.

As you can see, indexing backlinks is one of the most important things to do in SEO. Not only do they provide extra traffic from the sites themselves, but it also tells Google that your site is rated highly among that website. By using the three methods above, you can greatly influence the number of indexed backlinks to your site.