Review on Realme GT Master Edition 5g


Realme GT is one of the premier brands in the Indian mobile phones segment. It has come up with some really great features that have made it stand out amongst its competitors. These phones are a perfect combination of entertainment and communication. These handsets have a high resolution camera with functional imaging, a music player with phase separation audio mixing, a decent LCD panel and some truly impressive sounding hardware to boot. All this and more make it a hot favourite in the market and have made it one of the most sought after mobiles in India.

The Realme GT Master Edition 5g is priced from India at Rs 25,500 for the basic version with 6.43-inch diagonal and a width of 9.5-inch. The rear camera is an eight megapixel unit, though the front camera is only a four megapixel unit. The Realme GT has Android operating software installed in it, which is also lager than the other models. The Realme GT has a dual touch screen feature where it can be used as a mobile phone and also as a laptop. You get a better display as compared to the other models in the market with a thickness of just 2.5 mm. realme gt 5g master edition

The realme gt master edition 5g comes with a quad core processor and a Samsung-made Exynona Intel CPU along with a generous amount of memory for storing videos and images. The RAM of this mobile phone is enhanced by the presence of two gigabytes of LPDDR3 SODIMMs in it. This gives it enough power to run the suite of applications that come with the handset along with a large number of softwares. There are a virtual memory card and an expandable memory card in the Realme GT. It also has a built in camera, which is called as the Selfie camera and has an 8 mega pixels resolution.

The phone comes with a nice video quality camera with a five megapixel resolution and also features a nice wide angle lens. The battery of the Realme GT is a li-lion cell and has a fast charging capability and has a vapor chamber cooling system. It has two modes – one with the standard temperature control and the other being equipped with the climate control feature. The text messaging facility of the Realme GT is very good and comes out pretty fast even if it is a touch screen. The device also includes the Realme Ui 2.0 which is a high definition video chat program with voice recording facility. You can also connect the phone to a computer using USB cable and play your favorite videos or music with the help of the web browser.

Realme GT has a unique user interface which has the latest technology inside it. This makes it an ultimate entertainment gadget for those who love to do things on the move. The Realme GT also has some unique features like vibrating notification system and auto-answer feature which make it all the more popular among all those people who are crazy about messaging and using all kinds of multimedia gadgets. The user interface of the Realme GT master edition 5g is really great and is comparable to that of the iPhone and the Blackberry, which make it a preferred choice among all age groups.

In the category of the cameras, the Realme GT series has four models with different specifications like the High definition cam, the Silver tube cam, the Professional model and the Ultimate model. The camera has a complete package including a memory card, charger, earphone jacks, USB cable and the Realme GT Master Edition 5g wall mounting bracket. All the four Realme gt models have got the high definition camcorder lens, a high density lens cell, fast charging system, the front and rear cameras have got an inbuilt image stabilization system. The Realme GT models are really good value for money.