iPhone 12 Mini Review – Is it Any Good?



The iPhone 12 Mini is an extremely small and affordable yet powerful smartphone. Unlike many of its competitors, however, it does not carry the same sense of bloated style that many of its competitors offer. The iPhone 12 mini, for example, is a lot smaller than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, yet packs the same sort of power. When compared side by side, they are virtually the same size. So what makes the iPhone 12 mini so much better than its predecessors? iphone 12 mini


The iPhone 12 mini comes with two cameras, one of which is the same size as the iPhone 6s. This allows the user to take up to three photos at the same time. It also allows the user to make a video, although this feature is only available on some models. In my own review, I found that the two cameras on the iPhone 12 mini were a little to skimpy. This may be because it is pre-installed with the manufacturer’s default camera app, but it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon.


Another unique aspect of the iPhone 12 mini, which isn’t available on other smartphones, is the option to sign up for apple’s installment plan. Apple’s installment plan allows you to pay only for the cost of the phone itself, with no extra money being charged on top of the bill credits. That means that if you don’t use all of the money that you pay in excess, you won’t be charged anything extra. You can also save up to $300 on the phone, depending on which carriers you sign up with.


Another unique aspect of the iPhone 12 mini, which is not available on any other smartphones, is the opportunity to trade-in your old phone. If you happen to have an old iPhone that you would like to get rid of, you can do just that by taking it to one of the many authorized iPhone drop shipping companies online. They will ship the iPhone off to you, and you’ll be able to start using it right away. However, you should keep in mind that you will still owe the balance of your loan on your old phone. A new phone, however, will always incur a monthly payment.


The iPhone 12 mini’s design is very much like its predecessors. It features a smooth glass and metallic body that has been designed to accommodate all of your fingertips. Its signature dock connector, which allows you to use your iPhone’s home button as a touchpad, is also present. You’ll also find a power key, a headphone jack, and two earpieces which you can change from time to time. A standard USB cable is also included. An infrared camera is present along with a FaceTime camera function, which lets you video chat with your friends virtually.


Although the iPhone 12 mini comes with a wide variety of features, this particular model does seem to fall short of some of the more impressive features present on other models. The battery life, for instance, may be short compared to the competition. Other complaints about this device also revolve around size and weight. Some users complained that it was difficult to grip and hold onto because it was so big. Regardless, this is a minor complaint compared to some of the shortcomings that the iPhone 12 mini review mentions.