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Seeing Jesus in a vision as he looked after his whipping and His sobering advice

I have seen Jesus in a vision in a church where he came and talked to me about his crucifixion and His body was cut to ribbons of flesh when he showed me His back. He told me this was what he looked like before He was nailed to the cross. He was so clearly visible in that vision that there was no difference between what I saw and if I actually saw a human body in the flesh in front of me. This was another funny vision to comprehend because I was looking at the body just before they hung him on the cross 2,000 years ago.

Did He come forward 2000 years in time to show me this body? Who knows? I saw Him and how He looked five years before The passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson. I can tell you this from what I saw. I don’t think modern medicine with all it’s technology and knowledge could stitch up and heal that back, and from what I saw of that back I am not sure if today’s doctors could keep him alive even if they were given that body. It was the most terrible thing I have ever seen in my life.

He stood on the stage in that church I was later to be kicked out of and arrested in and said some stuff to me that I just cannot forget.

He was as clear as day to me in this vision and it was like he was standing in the flesh in front of me, yet no one else could see Him.

He pointed up to the screen where the lyrics to the songs they were singing were written above His head. As he pointed to the words on the screen, he asked me, “Are they singing about this Matthew? (meaning his crucifixion)

At that point I encountered this same Jesus that sues to be questioned by the Pharisees.

I knew the answer He wanted me to give Him, but I knew that answer wasn’t leading to something nice.

“Yes Jesus they are singing about this crucifixion”

“Who are they singing it to Matthew?”

“Well they are singing it to you Jesus”, I said, not really liking how this questioning was going fro some reason.

“Tell me if they were singing to the prime minister a song that was praising something great the prime minister had done for these people, would they continue to sing if that prime minister walked into their church and stood in front of the worship team like I am now?”

“No I think they would get a shock and they would stop singing!”

“So I am here Matthew and I am standing here and why haven’t they stopped singing?”

“Because they can’t see you and they don’t know you are here!”

“So why can’t they feel me? Why are you the only one that can see me an hear me talking to you?”

“I am not sure Jesus!”

“Tell me this, if I am here and they are singing this song to me, are they all looking up and singing it to heaven, why are they doing that? Why are they looking toward heaven when I am in their midst? I am here Matthew, so who are they singing this to?”

“I am not sure Jesus” I really was having trouble following Him and yet I knew what He was saying. He was saying they are singing to the air and going through all the right motions, but if they really knew him and his presence then they would stop and recognize Him in their midst and they would be ready to listen. One thing for sure, they were NOT singing to him because none of them were looking in his direction and he was talking to me and so he wasn’t even listening to them.

“Tell me, if I was to manifest myself to them all right now in the flesh so that they could see me and recognize me and see what they are supposedly singing about, would they continue to praise me and sing or would most of them be running out the door screaming?”

“Lord I think they would on the most part be running out screaming.”

“Okay Matthew. Here is a little lesson for you. If you are singing a song to me, sing it with all your heart. If you can’t get into the mood to sing to me and praise me, don’t sing and just be silent. If you can’t sing certain word and sentences to me in a song, don’t sing them. Okay?” 833 angel number

“Yes Lord”, I replied.

“Good. I am going now, have a good day!”

He walked off the podium and out down the aisle and out the back of the church.

A couple of months later he walked back into the church in the body of a homeless woman. And you know that story.

Jesus comes to my church and watches worship

Twice I have seen Jesus in the past 3 months standing on the second story of our church that is an unused balcony seating standing and watching the praise and worship. All of the unused seating up there was filled with angels and they where all in worship to their God with hands in the air and none of them looking down.

Both times I have waved to Jesus and he has waved back, one time He left before the worship finished and one time He came down, sat in an empty chair in the front seat and sat through the sermon. You know when you are getting a little comfortable with Jesus turning up when you simply forget He is there and you turn your head and listen to the sermon like Him.

Angel dances before the Lord in worship

Oh what a joy it is to see a woman angel walk to the front of your church and just before the alter and in front of you and in front of the worship team, see her dance to the music in worship with a ribbon in her hand that she is sliding all through the air and around her body in pure devotion to her Master. Oh what a joy it is to worship the Lord God simply by singing and watching this lady angel dance before her creator. To see the angles in worship. Oh what an honor and oh what a sight to see.